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At Kite Digitals Studio in India, we believe that creating stunning imagery isn't just about one perfect shot; it's the result of multiple shots seamlessly combined together. This is precisely what VFX Rotoscoping is all about – crafting beautiful sequences that flow smoothly and are easy on the eyes.

Our team of creative technicians are using the latest techniques, they ensure that every project achieves its fullest potential and delivers mesmerizing visual experiences.

At Paint Experts, we know that setting up the perfect chroma-keying environment is crucial for a smooth VFX production workflow. VFX paint involves removing tracking markers once masks have been created around characters and objects. At Kite Digitals Studio in India, we value the significance of paint in your production.

That's why our technicians are equipped not only with superb expertise but also with a deep understanding of the impact that quality paint work can have on the final result.

Looking to spice up your dull shots without stressing over production time? Let Kite Digitals's talented keyers take care of it for you! We know there are various keying techniques, and the best one depends on your data. But don't worry, outsourcing to us provides the quickest and most effective way to add captivating effects to your feature films or movie projects.

With our expertise, you can deliver high-quality content without straining your production timetable. Trust us to bring the vigor to your shots and create stunning imagery effortlessly!
Rig Removal/Clean up

In the world of VFX, one of the significant tasks is removing unwanted elements from the film, like those pesky wires or rigs.A top-notch cleanup job is vital for a successful film or movie production, and that's where Kite Digitals' skilled technicians come in. They are trained to handle specific challenges using various techniques, each with its own level of ease and difficulty.

With our expert team, you don't have to stress about meeting tight production schedules while ensuring top-notch content quality. We understand that one significant aspect of VFX is removing unwanted elements, such as wires or rigs, from the film.

In the world of VFX, tracking and matchmoving play a crucial role, and their importance spans across various media, including TV shows, movies, and commercials. Matchmove is like the 3D tracking of object motion, giving raw shots for Set Extensions or CG Placement.

At Kite Digitals, our skilled technicians ensure your CG artists have a coordinated system with a visible camera motion path to work with. This ensures a seamless integration of computer-generated elements into your shots, bringing magic to your visuals!
2D to 3D Conversion

Feeling overwhelmed with choices for 3D stereoscoping and 2D to 3D conversion services? Worried about striking the right balance between cost and quality? Well, worry no more! Welcome to Kite Digitals, your one-stop-shop where you never have to compromise on either quality or cost.

We have got you covered with our specially crafted 3D Stereoscoping conversion package that's both top-notch and affordable. It's designed to cater to your unique and specific needs, ensuring you get the best of both worlds without breaking the bank. Say goodbye to confusion and hello to exceptional 3D services at Kite Digitals!

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